Tree climbing for children


Tree climbing is a technique that allows you to move, in complete safety, within the tree crown using ropes and harnesses. That’s why climbing trees is good for children!

Benches, chairs, sofas, railings… if there’s one thing children love doing at home, it’s climb. But it is a game that leaves little room for imagination when practiced indoors. How much imagination can be let run wild by hugging a tree and trying to climb it?

Try taking a child to a playground or public gardens: they will always try to find something to climb. They will look like explorers on a mission, all pointing their eyes here and there, darting from one meadow to another, but no trees worthy of real climbing are to be found! For safety reasons, trees on public land have their lower branches cut off so that old and young cannot climb them. We live in a society that bans children from climbing trees while ignoring the immense psychophysical benefit of this fun, ancient and natural activity.

Even a young child of 2-3 years old placed in front of a tree with low branches, within his reach, will start climbing in his own way. And this happens instinctively, without having seen anyone else do it, it is not a matter of imitation but precisely of an inner drive to climb.

The child needs to climb! That’s why the Adventure Camps’ activities never lack full contact with nature: our operators pay close attention to each of their “climbs”, providing equipment and harnesses, explaining techniques, giving advice, encouraging each little achievement…

The motivations and benefits behind the need to cling to trees are countless: concentration is naturally trained, courage is strengthened, willpower is set in motion, ideas, thoughts and reflections are activated, curiosity takes flight, the body is strengthened, trained, experienced, enthusiasm is kindled, imagination and creativity are allied, experience teaches, perspective changes, one gets in touch with the tree and its branches, with nature in its most authentic expression. It is an original way of approaching the world!

Thanks to experts and professionals who know how to combine skill and technique with a profound knowledge of trees, your children will be able to enjoy a unique and exciting experience within the campsite in complete safety.


  • € 5 per child, with snack included