Kayak courses

For millennia, the kayak has accompanied the Inuit people and allowed them to survive in a very difficult and hostile environment.
For years it has also accompanied us locally and, even though it has lost its characteristic of “vital” equipment to take on the humblest role of leisure, it has kept intact its nature of a “boat with which one can navigate” in complete autonomy, for many days and for long distances. A perfect boat for safe exploration.
Courses with certified instructors to learn and taste the technique of paddling a kayak. Lake or sea, there are no preferences but your own, the staff is on hand to satisfy all your requests.


This course is 4 hours in duration on calm still water on the lake. Basic knowledge of theory and technique in calm water is provided. Ideal for those who want to have a first introduction to the sport.


This course is on calm water in the lake, for a duration of 8 hours with the provision of a sea-lake kayak, paddle, life vest, splash guard (and neoprene wetsuit). Its purpose is to take the student, who has never been in a kayak or has only tried it a few times, to develop all the basic techniques in flat water to a level of ability sufficient to enable him/her to sail with fun and safety in flat water conditions and low wind near the shore.


This course takes place on the lake/sea in calm/rough water, for a duration of 10 hours plus a 2-hour final excursion, with provision of a specific sea kayak, paddle, life vest, splash guard (and neoprene wetsuit). It aims to improve all the techniques of the basic course, to introduce the use of the Eskimo/Greenland paddle, to assimilate both assisted rescue and self-rescue techniques, as well as towing techniques, and to learn how to correctly tie sea knots. At the end of the course, the student will have developed technical skills and knowledge to a level that will allow him/her to go out on sea and lake trips with safety and enjoyment, even in moderate wave and wind conditions, and be able to participate in multi-day nautical camping trips with specific sea kayaks.


Duration 5-6 hours (1 W.E.), to learn the technique invented by the Eskimos of self-righting an overturned kayak without getting out of the kayak.


Being able to swim and submitting a general practitioner’s certificate attesting the good health and the absence of contraindications to the practice of non-competitive sport.

Courses are for groups or individual, held thanks the long-standing collaboration with friend and client Umberto Vigilante.