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Tree climbing (children)


Tree climbing for children


Tree climbing is a technique that allows you to move, in complete safety, within the tree crown using ropes and harnesses. That’s why climbing trees is […]

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MTB Free Ride Course


MTB Free Ride Course

MTB Freeride is one of the purely downhill disciplines of the mountain bike world. That is to say, one of the gravity disciplines that are practiced almost only within a […]

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Yoga and meditation


Yoga and meditation

In collaboration with Ginkgo Yoga professions, we offer yoga nidra and viniyoga private lessons or targeted events.

This social promotion association was born from the passion for yoga of two […]

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Kayak courses


Kayak courses

For millennia, the kayak has accompanied the Inuit people and allowed them to survive in a very difficult and hostile environment.
For years it has also accompanied us locally and, even though it has lost its characteristic […]

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